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Jamaican Flavours 02.12.11 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio:  Christoph eek a Kraus & die Welsch Bredrin

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Nirvana:  Smells Like Teen Spirit Reggae Version
taken from youtube

The Gladiators: Can’t Stop Righteousness
V.A. – Hitbound – The Sound Of Channel One (Pressure Sounds)

The Wailers Band: Out Of Exile
Majestic Warriors (Universal)

Alborosie: Diversity
Soul Pirate (Forward)

Alborosie: Running Like A Rock
2 Times Revolution (Greensleeves)

All Nation Rockers: Talking Dubheadz
A New Breed Of Dub (Dubhead)

Brain Damage feat. Learoy Green: One Dollar
Ashes To Ashes – Dub To Dub (Hammerbass)

Dub Is A Weapon: Turbulence
Vaporized (Harmonized)

Prince Far I: Survival
V.A. – Bushyard Telegraph (Tamoki Wambesi)

Kanka feat. Ranking Joe: Rome (extended mix)
Sub.mersion (Hammerbass)

The Mothmen: Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle
Pay The Attention (On-U Sound)

The Mothmen: Afghani Dub
V.A. – Wild Paarty Sounds (On-U Sound)

Panda Dub feat.Youyou: Soul Rebel
Black Bamboo free download

Bush Chemists: Firing Dub
A New Breed Of Dub (Dubhead)

I Roy: Tribute To Marcus Garvey
7″ (Channel 1)