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Jamaican Flavours 04.12.20 Playlist

sweet reggae music in the mix by eekakraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

King General & The Bush Chemists: Money Run Tings & Dub
King General Bucks Up Pon De Bush Chemists ‎– Money Run Tings (Conscious Sounds)

Vibronics feat. Madu Messenger: Stand Up
10″ (Scoops)

Vibronics feat. Jah Marnyah: Anointed One & Dub
10″ (Scoops)

Fikir Amlak: Frontline Rasta +  Rasta Dub
7″ (Dub Invasion)

Dhoko: Why Shall It Be So + Dub Shall Be So
7″ (Dhoko)

Sons Of Manji: Do Hope Now + Dub And Hope Now
7″ (Dhoko)

Abeng: No Bad Intention +  Russ D: Intention In Dub
7″ (Dig This Way)

Ashanti Selah & Bukkha feat. Vale: The Valleys + Out Of The Hills + Into The Shadows
12″ (Scorcher Hi Fi)