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Jamaican Flavours 08.01.21 Playlist

reggae on vinyl in the mix by eekakraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Stepwizer feat. Tenna Star: Rise And Shine
7″ (Stepwizer Music)

Nga Han: Better Days
7″ ( One By One)

Nga Han: Blessed Is The Man
7″ ( One By One)

High Tone feat. Shanti D: Dry + Dub
12″ ( Old Heard Bread)

Shanti Yalah: Easy Man Easy
Lone Ark Riddim Force: Easy Man Dub
7″ ( Bomb Bass Hi Fi)

Danny Red: In The Dark
War Drop: In The Dub
7″ ( Meditative Sounds)

O.B.F & Aza Lineage: Rebel Daawtaz + Rebel Dub
7″ ( Dubquake, Signz Series #2)

Gene Rondo & The Cimarons: You Said You Love Me More And More
Jeh Jeh: Dub Me More And More
7″ ( Summertime + Hornin‘ Sounds)

Carl Bert & The Cimarons: Slipping Into Darkness
Jeh Jeh: Dubbing Into Darkness
7″ ( Summertime + Hornin‘ Sounds)

Sharon Little: Don’t Mash Up Creation + Version
12″ ( One Love + Jah Fingers)