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Jamaican Flavours 13.04.18 Playlist

Reggae in the mix by Chris Tuff eek a Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Prince Jazzbo: Jah Dread
Pepper Rock (Studio One & Peckings)

Prince Jazzbo: Take Over
Pepper Rock (Studio One & Peckings)

Owen Gray:  Hear We Them A Say
10″ (Pressure Sounds)

Owen Gray: Hear We Them A Say Version aka Dancing Kid
10″ (Pressure Sounds)

Ronnie Davis: Strange Things
10″ (Pressure Sounds)

Ronnie Davis: Black Cinderella
10″ (Pressure Sounds)

Sweeney Williams: It Won’t Come Easy + Dub Version
10″ (Impact!)

African Brothers: Youths Of Today + Version
7″ (Lion)

The Lions: Natty Congo I + Version
7″ (Truth & Right)

The Morwells: Africa Is Calling + Dub Version
7″ (Morwell)

The Slickers: Zion Land
7″ (Afrik)

Synthesis: Chock Full & Dub + Version
7″ (Rockers)