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Jamaican Flavours 15.01.16 Playlist

Reggae in the mix by Christoph eek a Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Ranking Joe: I Love Jah
7″ (Scotch Bonnet)

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. General Levy: Gideon Boot
7″ (Scotch Bonnet)

Junior Cat: See Di Bobo Dread
7″ (Colonel Mustard)

Reverend Danny Dread: Chatty Mouth Defeat
7″ (Colonel Mustard)

Micah Shemaiah: Dread Act
7″ (Taitu)

Samory-I: Scepter
7″ (Taitu)

Kabaka Pyramid: King Of Kings
7″ (Taitu)

King Kong: Rocky Road
7″ (Fresh Roses)

African Star: They Just Can’t Stop Us &
Sylvan Morris: Whip Lash
7″ (Palm Disco)

Billy Joe Morgan: Stop Them & Version
7″ (Jomor)

Love Joys: Stranger Get Up & Version
7″ (Wackie’s)

Jah Melody: Who Say &
Unlisted Fanatic: On My Mind Dub
7″ (Sir Runnin‘)

Parvez aka The Dub Factory: Contankerous &
Unlisted Fanatic: Cool Down Dub
(Sir Runnin‘)