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Jamaican Flavours 21.09.12 Playlist

Reggae in the mix by Christoph eek a Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Aldubb: Warrior Call & Fight Dub
The Berlin Sessions EP (Irie Ites)

Dubmatix: Mount Zion Trad & Mount Zion Dub
The Berlin Sessions EP (Irie Ites)

Kenny Knots: Herb From Grow
Tann Up Solid EP (Jahtari)

Speng Bond: Tann Up Solid
Tann Up Solid EP (Jahtari)

Mr Williams: Sit Down Steady
Dancehall Hobby EP (Jahtari)

Roberto Sanchez: Chemical Food
Cantabric Dub Breeze: Chemical Food Version
Ranking Forest: Give Me Ital Stew
Ras Telford: Sounds Of Deva
10” (Truth Town)

Ras Niemjah: Hail The Emperor
Far East: Alpha & Omega
Bunnington Judah: King Keteh
H.U.S. All Stars: Nyabinghi Chant & Version
12” (H.U.S Music)

Jah Bast And The Shades: Jah Irror
7” (Darker Shades Of Roots)