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Jamaican Flavours 27.10.23 Playlist

more wicked Wackie’s in the mix by eekakraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Jah Batta And Skatee: Style And Fashion
10“ (Wackie’s)

Super T.: West Bound D Train
10“ (Wackie’s)

Sugar Minott: International Herb
10“ (Wackie’s)

Wackie Passie: International Dub
10“ (Wackie’s)

Tyrone Evans: Dread Lightly
For Lovers Only (Wackie’s)

Roots Underground: Black Brigade
Tribesman Assault (Wackie’s)

Stranger Cole: Red Gold & Green
10“ (Wackie’s)

Clive Hunt & Ras Takashi: Drumsong Part II
10“ (Wackie’s)

Sugar Minott: In The Ghetto
12″ (Wackies)

Horace Andy: I Don’t Wanna Be Left Outside
10“ (Wackie’s)

King Tubby: Zion Dub
10“ (Wackie’s)

The Chosen Brothers: March Down Babylon + Dub + Version
12″ (Wackie’s)